Monday, 25 April 2011

Graphic design and the Anticuts Movement.

I am no expert on graphic design but it doesn't take an expert to know what images are striking and which are not. On a recent trip to Lisbon I had the pleasure of talking to Robin Fior, now I had no idea who he was, turns out he is a graphic designer who used to work for International Socialism, the precursor to the Socialist Worker. These are a few of his covers.

He also worked on propaganda for Betrand Russel's break away direct action group from the CND, committee of 100 with Ken Garland.

While searching for Robins work today I came across this.
Now there is nothing wrong with this its perfectly functional and I wouldn't be able to do any better myself, but there are designers operating on the left with talent who can and do, better. Take the wonderful DSG

Even some of the better pieces of recent political propaganda like the COR poster for 26th March.

Still lack some of the verve that this Portuguese poster for their upcoming May day protest has.

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